Coaching & Therapy

What is Logotherapy & Existential Analysis

Job and life satisfaction arise where we can act from internal freedom, when we can function from our whole being and our deepest convictions. When our feelings, thinking and acting align with our most personal values.
Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy & Existential Analysis is a value-oriented approach to coaching and psychotherapy, which aims to support individuals and groups in their search for a meaningful (working) life.

Instead of losing ourselves, we should find ourselves in our (working)life!

Central to Logotherapy are our values. Like a compass, they give direction to our being and our actions. 
At the same time, circumstantial factors sometimes cause the needle to deviate from its reference point and mislead the compass, obscuring our essence and making us lose ourselves. Therefore, in Existential Analysis, we examine the doubts, questions, and fears that get in the way of our values. 

In Logotherapy & Existential Analysis, we focus on what is essential to you. We examine where values have arisen, whether they still hold, if and where they have been distorted and which ones need to be actualised.
In this way, a coherent life story unfolds, through which you can mobilise unprecedented forces and relate better to current reality.

The concept of value may seem abstract at first glance; often, we are only moderately aware of our values. However, they form the basis of who we are for ourselves and others, our identity. 


There is a beautiful core in all of us. Sometimes it is visible, sometimes a bit hidden. The goal of my work as an existential coach and logotherapist is to let this core shine in its full brightness.