Who I am

Life has many faces. Moments of joy and success, and those of disappointment and loss, those of ‘is this all?’ and ‘what now?’, those of ‘do I need it?’ and ‘do I want this?’

That’s no different for me than it is for you. Life also constantly asks for my answers.

My life has taken me to many different places. As an international trainer and consultant, I have come into contact with many different cultures by working on almost all continents.

The constant in my work was and is my orientation towards personal development.

I was born and raised in Mönchengladbach, Germany, and moved to Groningen, The Netherlands, in 1976 for my studies.

I have lived in Amsterdam since 1988, and since 2001 we have been living as a family for about 3 to 4 months a year in Oaxaca, Mexico. This stems from our family composition. Ana, my wife, is of Mexican origin and has danced as a professional dancer in different countries and with different companies. Given our backgrounds (and global developments), we have chosen to give our children a more global perspective on life.

I experience my work and private life as very enriching. My 30+ years as an international management and communication consultant have taught me a lot about my values and broadened my view of others and the world.

Wanting to understand what drives ‘us’ remains fascinating to me. As a coach, I also learn a lot from my coachee, which enriches me again and again. We learn from and with each other. By understanding more about myself, I can once again put myself in the shoes of others, without overlooking that our experiences and motives remain different.

As a coach, I look for professional involvement rather than professional distance.

I am a member of the following professional associations:

DGLE, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Logotherapie
NOBCO, Nederlandse Organisatie voor Beroepscoaches, en 
SIETAR, Society for Intercultural, Education, Training & Research

Henning Zorn