As an expert of your perception, you become an active participant in the exploratory talks, the exercises and reflection assignments with which we bring your values to the front of your awareness.

My way of working draws from my different backgrounds.

As a logotherapist, I am oriented towards uncovering the task(s) you set yourself. How inner connectedness brings out the best in you. An integrated past gives the freedom to function from the depths of your being, even in tense situations. The revaluation of your life story generates unprecedented powers.

Institut für Logotherapie & Praktische Philosophie, ILOPP 2018 – 2021

As an accredited coach, I help people find their way, both inside and outside work. My focus is on personal growth and personal leadership, living and working better together, and the development of value-oriented leadership.

Coaching Academy International, CAI 2012 – 2015

As an organizational anthropologist in the position of an international consultant, I have been focusing on themes of diversity and integration for several decades. Respect for and understanding of the other presuppose self-knowledge and self-acceptance, next to self-relativism.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, VU 1988 – 1991

As a drama teacher, I have learned to work with various experiential approaches. In addition to conversations we work with assignments and exercises, either during or between the consultations as ‘homework’. It is also possible that we use simulations/role-playing, in which I take on the role of the antagonist.

Akademie voor Ekspressie & Kommunikatie, AVEK 1982 – 1987

Our work focuses on your reference points and the values you want to be led by.