Omer: “Meeting with Henning for coaching sessions was very helpful to me by having a better view of what I feel as important and ways to improve my capabilities, to be more productive and happy in both my professional and my personal life.

I value highly Henning’s work, insights, openness and honesty and the sessions are always beneficial and in the best atmosphere.
Definitely highly recommended!”

Mascha: “Henning creates a peaceful environment in which I could unfold. When I shared feelings that related to me feeling unsafe or when touching upon very delicate topics he always managed to re-create a space of trust and guidance. He is an experienced and deeply human coach.”

Sagi: “Henning is an excellent, sensitive coach. Warmly”

Simon: “Henning – in my opinion – is a great coach to get more awareness and find the answers to your questions yourself. That helped me to implement the learnings into my habits and therefor achieved a long term change in my leadership style.”

Carolina: “Henning was highly empathetic, professional, flexible, culturally aware and client focused. The sessions helped me to identify my weaknesses and strengths. Additionally, he provided me with useful tools to advance my career as well as work on my personal development. I really enjoyed the sessions, and highly recommend him as coach.”

Marco: “Dear Henning, as clearly stated above, I learned from the sessions. You are clearly a very experienced coach, you have a positive attitude towards life and that is the common thread in our lessons. Start from someone‚Äôs strength and try to steer from the positive. I think many companies can learn from this the way they are now managed. If there is a follow-up of the sessions, I will certainly do this through you.”