Your mental booster

15 December 2021

Even though we could see this wave coming, we are now looking for the sunny moments in these dark days.

We are often at odds with ourselves and our patterns when on our own. We are angry and disappointed in ourselves and the world.

Sometimes it hits us unexpectedly. A sudden farewell, an unexpected dismissal, an abrupt illness, yet another wave… 

Sometimes it arises insidiously. With an increasing number of conflicts, a feeling of isolation, the sensation of burn-out or bore-out…

Whatever the case, the past, expectations and obligations feel more and more like a prison. 

You realise that you can no longer go on like this. Suddenly it doesn’t work for you anymore … life seems more and more like survival.

Maybe it’s time to reinvent yourself. Time for your mental booster! 

With some distance from yourself and your situation, you look at the world from a different perspective, and it will look different.

And how you look outside has repercussions on how you look inside and how you see yourself.

A reassessment of your perception and appreciation of your situation makes you a different person. 

Let’s invest in a new beginning, one in which the past does not slow down but rather accelerates.

To choose your own path with new energy! 

As an existential coach and logotherapist, I will accompany you on your way.

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